Tempo Contemporary Leather Sectional Sofa Brown

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The Tempo Contemporary Leather Sectional Sofa is a multi-faceted, stylish, and incredibly comfortable piece of furniture that possesses a universal appeal. Elegantly designed and carefully crafted, it is clad in genuine leather with soft cushioning to achieve both luxury and relaxation. The set can be rearranged to many formations to fit any shape of a living room. Gracefully accented steel trim gives it a unique appearance while its adjustable headrests offer many options of soothing relief after a long day of work. This sofa set is also available in White leather.

Contemporary brown sectional sofa
Genuine leather where your body touches
Leather match material elsewhere
Stainless steel accent going through bottom and armrest side of sofa
Five retractable sofa headrests
Soft cushioning
Fits well in big living rooms

      3 Seat: Width 77" x Depth 44" x Height 28"
      Corner: Width 56" x Depth 56" x Height 28"
      2 Seat: Width 65" x Depth 44" x Height 28"
      Chaise: Width 44" x Depth 72" x Height 28"