Gianna Swivel Barstool

Casa Eleganza

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  • 9 x Gray
  • 10 x Black
  • 10 x Brown
  • 10 x White

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A truly unique, incredibly comfortable stool, this sophisticated, backless design comes with a stainless steel base and footrest. The Gianna Swivel Barstool is uniquely manufactured with foam injection molding. Advantages of foam injection molding include absence of the sink mark on the part surface, better geometric accuracy, weight reduction, low back pressure, faster cycle time, better weld line strength, high stiffness-to-weight ratio, etc. It swivels 360 degrees and has a hydraulic adjustable seat, not to mention a unique foot rest for your comfort. This is a foam that is achieved by a technological process that takes an injected compound and through an endothermic reaction in a hot mold results in an expanded foam part with many physical benefits. 
Unlike a sponge, foams from this process are closed-cell, meaning it's waterproof and resists mold, mildew and bacteria from entering the material. It is also cross-linked, which means that the cells are connected in a way that makes the foam strong and durable with high tear and tensile strength. This material is also resistant to most chemicals, which allow the products to not only be used in a chemical environment, but also very cleanable with most household cleaners.

Modern appeal with versatile functionality
Available in gray, black, brown or white
Foot Rest
Swivel seat action and pneumatic height adjustment
      Width 17" x Depth 17" x Height 23"-33"