Akko Ivory Modern Bedroom

Casa Eleganza

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  • 10 x Queen Size Bed with Wooden Slats Frame
  • 10 x Queen Size Bed with Camel Wooden Slats Frame
  • 10 x King Size Bed with Wooden Slats Frame
  • 10 x King Size Bed with Camel Wooden Slats Frame

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An intimate and bright atmosphere with a touch of modern flavor is made richer by Art Déco wall paper.
The geometric pattern of the roof is bordered by a nice decoration.
The precious and modern headboard of bed Akko is a counter point to the home general atmosphere.
Brown lines are lacquered brown panels which goes in contrast with the ivory color of the item.
Headboard: Eco-leather
The bed can be ordered with Wooden Slats Frame or with Camel Wooden Slats Frame.

King Size Bed: 82" Width 83" Depth 40" Height
Queen Size Bed: 68" Width 83" Depth 40" Height
Wooden Slats Frame, Queens Size, folded in 2 parts, with 6 legs, 151x202:
60" Width 79" Depth 3" Height
Wooden Slats Frame King Size, folded in 2 parts with 6 legs 193x202:
76" Width 79" Depth 3" Height
Camel Wooden Slat Frame Queen Size with Legs: 60" Width 79" Depth 11"Height
Camel Wooden Slat Frame King Size with Legs: 76" Width 79" Depth 11" Height
Dresser: 71" Width 17" Depth 30" Height
Chest: 28" Width 18" Depth 47" Height
Nightstand: 28" Width 18" Depth 17" Height